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Respiratory Care Board On Line Instructions to Access Jurisprudence Module

Follow these steps to enroll:
1.         Go to the Quia website at http://www.quia.com/web. Look at the right side of the home page and select, “Student Zone.” When the next page appears, click the button labeled, “Create my free account.”
2.         Select, “Student” as the account type.
3.         Fill out the form that appears using your first initial and last name as your user name. This is important if the Board needs to look up your results at a later date. (If you get a message that the name is not available because someone else has used it – select a user name as close to your own name as possible). WRITE YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD DOWN. YOU WILL NEED TO TAKE THE CLASS QUIZ.
4.         When you are done, press the, “Create my account” button. (It would be prudent for you to write down your username and password for future reference the next time you visit the QUIA site. The Board does not have anyway to collect password data.)  You may also need your username and password to take the post-test.
After you are enrolled, you should be in the “Student Zone.” Type the QUIA CLASS CODE provided on the Ohio Respiratory Care Board’s course listings site (found on the Board's Website under Continuing Education) that corresponds to the course you want to complete and push the “add class” button. When the class name, instructor name, and “Class page” appear you may view the class page to do the module. Click on the http://quia.com/pages/[program title]” link next to the word “Class page.”
The quiz is at the end of the class material. Click on the link for the quiz and answer the questions. YOU WILL NEED YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD TO TAKE THE QUIZ. When you have completed the quiz it will be scored and your results will display.
If you pass the quiz (correctly answer > 70%) you will have successfully completed the module.
Print a copy of the score/results page to use as “the certificate of completion.” There is no "PRINT" button.  Use your mouse and right click on the score/results page, select "PRINT".  Make sure that you sign the score sheet and record the date of completion on it. Please note that the score sheet does not look like a traditional certificate of completion.

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