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Transaction Fee - NEW

In accordance with Ohio Revised Code 125.18 (E) and temporary law Sec. 207.40, as amended by Am. Sub. HB 49 effective July 1, 2017, the State of Ohio is assessing a new $3.50 License System Transaction Fee on each license or registration issued as part of the electronic licensing system operated by the Ohio Department of Administrative Services.  As of July 20, the fee is being charged to all transactions, regardless of form, that immediately precede the issuance, renewal, reinstatement, reactivation of, or other activity that results in, a license or registration to operate as a regulated professional or entity. Each license or registration is a separate transaction to which a fee under this section applies. The revenue generated from this eLicense System Transaction Fee is paid to the State of Ohio and supports a portion of the operational and maintenance costs of the eLicense Ohio portal. Licensing boards and commissions do not receive revenue from this eLicense System Transaction Fee. The eLicense System Transaction Fee is nonrefundable.  This new fee ($3.50) is being charged in addition to the application fees that are set by the Ohio Respiratory Care Board.  The fee will automatically appear in the eLicense system for those applying online. 

Forms and Applications

  • To apply for a new HME Facility License (HMEL) - for Non-accredited facilites, or to apply for a new HME Facility Certificate of Registration (HMER) - for Accredited facilities, then please go to the State's new eLicense portal (https://elicense.ohio.gov)to log-in and create your account.  If you already have an HMEL or a HMER with the Ohio Respiratory Care Board, then please contact our office to obtain your security code to access the system, if you wish to apply for a new license (new facility or facility relocation).

- If you are accredited by any of the accrediting organizations recognized by the Board, it is recommended that you apply for a certificate of registration. Please select the correct application.

The Board encourages HME candidates to complete a Facility Self Evaluation Form to determine if a license or certificate of registration is required to provide HME services. Ohio law regulates a select number of equipment services defined under ORC Section 4752.01 (B) and OAC rule 4761:1-3-02. If a facility does not provide one of the defined services, the facility may be excepted from the HME licensure requirements under ORC Chapter 4752. The Board encourages facilities to seek legal representation to review your qualifications for a license, certificate of registration or an exception to licensure requirements.

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